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Quality Is Everybody's Responsibility

Quality commitment is an integral part of management philosophy at Westchester Plastics. It starts at the top of our organization and governs every aspect of our operations.

Once a customer has defined specific quality parameters for a product, Westchester SPC procedures are set in motion to ensure the process remains in-control through all production phases. Westchester Plastics process design, quality and production specialists continually monitor SPC data to maintain optimum product purity and to isolate irregularities before they develop into full-blown problems.

Westchester Plastics SPC procedures can also serve as a valuable troubleshooting tool to help alert suppliers to potential quality problems with their process and raw materials. Uniform testing standards, specifications and equipment help us to maintain consistent levels of quality with all formulations regardless of facilities, equipment or personnel involved in the process.

Formal Quality Organization

Westchester Plastics quality programs are key to effective employee communication, education, participation and feedback. All of our engineers, operators and supervisors are attuned to identifying a potential problem, determining and applying appropriate corrective action, and continuously exploring new means of improving quality and service.

At Westchester Plastics, we welcome customer quality audits as a means of helping to maintain the highest standards of quality. Experience has shown that good communications and an effective quality program pay back handsome dividends by improving the cost efficiency of our process as well as the end-product of our customers.

Link: Quality Policy and objectives – 2015 for Web