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Engineering Expertise

Each year, we compound several hundred million pounds of thermoplastic resins, including elastomers, polystyrenes, polyolefins, polycarbonates and polyesters, nylons, alloys, blends, bio-polymers, and reactive modifiers.

All of them require the highest levels of technical excellence, so every program starts with our Product Development Group. Skilled Westchester Plastics engineers and materials specialists, working together with our customers' R&D staffs, define the objectives and physical properties of the material to be compounded. Once all of the physical properties and performance parameters have been established, we assist in developing a process that produces a high-quality product that meets those needs.

During this evaluation and process development, our experts consider the unique requirements of the resin manufacturer as well as the fabricator that ultimately works with our finished product.

Flexibility is one of the keys to our continuing success—a trait that has helped us strengthen our leadership position in the industry. Our production centers are staffed and equipped to provide compounding services for virtually every customer requirement and our full-service process design and production team is ready to carry your idea from conception to final product. Use us to expand and complement your own capabilities.