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About Us

AMETEK Westchester Plastics is the nation's leading independent toll compounder of engineering resins, alloys, blends, reactive modifiers and other thermoplastic materials. From a vantage point spanning over five decades in the plastics industry, we've seen — and influenced — many of the technological developments leading to today's advanced processes and materials.

Westchester Plastics began in Westchester County, New York, in 1948, as a small, privately held resin processor with ambitious growth plans. Over the years, Westchester Plastic's reinvestment in personnel, equipment and technology helped position the company as a leader in processing a wide range of advanced thermoplastic resins, alloys and color concentrates.

In 1959 a new, modern Westchester Plastics plant came on-line in Wapakoneta, Ohio, to augment existing production capacity and to better serve customers throughout the Midwest and the South. Since then, we have continually expanded and modernized facilities in accordance with long-range plans to keep Westchester at the forefront of compounding technology.

In 1968, Westchester Plastics’ growth accelerated with the company's acquisition by AMETEK. That event provided an infusion of financial and technological resources to help us realize new market-exploration and facilities-expansion goals.

In 1975, Westchester Plastics headquarters relocated to a new production center and corporate complex in Nesquehoning, Carbon County, Pennsylvania. Since then, our flagship facility has grown to more than double its original size, with a full complement of the latest in processing equipment. Production is backed by complete design engineering laboratories and by expansive indoor warehouse and silo storage for raw materials and finished product.

Today, AMETEK Westchester Plastics is one of the largest fully independent toll compounders, backed by a major Fortune 500 corporation. AMETEK Inc. is a leading technology company with over thirty manufacturing plants worldwide. In recent years, AMETEK has invested more than $30 million into expansion of Westchester Plastics’ plants and facilities.