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Compounding Capabilities
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Compounding Capabilities

Materials Preparation
Westchester Plastics customers can call upon a full complement of equipment to cover adversity of requirements. Ribbon and twin cone blending, Henschel mixing, ratio feeding, master batching, Reitz milling and predrying facilities enable a process to be customized to handle all types of resins, alloys, blends and other materials.

Compounding/Processing Operations
Our Farrel 2", 4", 6" and 9" continuous mixer lines utilize sophisticated instruments and controls for consistent product quality.

When a compound requires combining additives and other materials with the process resin stream, Westchester Plastics employs side-feeding extruders that permit blending of additives and reinforcing materials downstream in the molten resin Werner & Pfleiderer ZSK 58mm, 90mm, 92mm and 133mm "Super Compounder" type twin screw extruders process today's more complex high performance engineering resins, blends, alloys and reactive polymers. Each of our plants is equipped with several of these highly sophisticated machines to meet a variety of capacity and blending requirements.

Process Additives
Many specialty thermoplastics, alloys and blends require additives to enhance properties and performance, Westchester Plastics facilities are geared to support requirements for the addition of catalysts, modifiers, fillers, reinforcements, process lubricants, compatibilizers and color concentrates.

Finished materials can be supplied through strand cuffing, underwater cutting, and hot face cut pelletizing, depending on customer requirements.

AMETEK Westchester Plastics is continually engaged in plant modernization programs to keep abreast of the latest in technology. We believe this reinvestment in our future will benefit us and our customers in years to come.

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